Spedding Road Block

Oyster Capital have lodged a Private Plan Change submission, designated PPC 69, to have 52 hectares in the Spedding Road region, rezoned from “Future Urban” to become “Business – Light Industry”.

This is a complex subject as seen in the 1,189 pages of documents found by a search on the Auckland Council website:  the exact URL is  https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/our-plans-strategies/unitary-plan/auckland-unitary-plan-modifications/proposed-plan-changes/Pages/default.aspx

Kindly note it does not show on the Auckland Council “Have your Say” page.

Oyster Capital would, at their cost, undertake “widening” of Brigham Creek Road and the bridge, although this is really only the addition of pedestrian and cycling lanes – everything is still one traffic lane each direction.

Spedding Road is proposed to be extended to meet Brigham Creek Road between the housing area and the bridge, with traffic lights at that intersection.

Extensive environmental studies etc have been undertaken

This “Private Plan Change 69, = PPC69 (Spedding Block) is open for submissions until Nov 8th. People are welcome to make personal submissions.  Currently the R & R are not intending to do so