Kauri Road land

There is an area of land, to the left when travelling Kauri Road to the city, opposite the golf course.  Currently this is all zoned “Future Urban”.

Under “Plan change 5”, a group of 3 developers have requested that the northern part (where the air force have yellow landing-light towers) should be zoned “special purpose”, but the much larger southern part be rezoned “Light Industry”.

Currently the whole area, (North & South) which is owned by the Crown (Defence Force, has a Designation  “NZ Defence Force”  (which includes the airfield itself)

“Designation” over-rules “zoning”.

But:-  what happens if the “Designation” is no longer required ?

            i.e. the air-force moves on, or ? ( see below)…….

In any case the Southern part is not really used by the Defence Force now (except for dog training) and there is a real risk it would be meanwhile sold by the Crown to the developers, by-passing any relocation of the airforce (remember the new P8 Orions will have to move to the longer runway at Ohakea).

The R & R have lobbied the UHLB, who replied that the area is too big for their budget to purchase.

The R & R have lobbied the MP Chris Penk, with the aim that the Crown gift the Southern part as a reserve. He agrees and has written to the Minister of Defence and asked on floor of Parliament, and written to Phil Goff (no reply after several months)

There is insufficient open space for the 11,600 houses in the Whenuapai area identified to be built in the 2017 document “land supply”.

Plan Change 5 (to the Unitary Plan) will soon be open for public consultation.

The R & R will publicise the date widely when it is known and urge all Ratepayers and residents to then submit on this matter.