Council land, corner of Trigg & Spedding Roads

Auckland Council have a policy document is ruling.

There is a Council “Open Space Acquisition Policy” .

From Upper Harbour Local Board (UHLB) there is also a Whenuapai Structure plan.
There is a sum available for land purchase, but that is confidential,

The land
About 2 ha have been purchased by the Council at the inside corner of Trigg & Spedding Roads, which they have leased for grazing.  Long term it is intended to build an indoor sports complex. 

The R & R have lobbied to the UHLB for access now to that land.
It could for example be used as an off-leash dog park to replace the informal area currently used near the Whenuapai shops corner Brigham Creek & Totara Road) which will be developed as Commercial by Oyster Developments

The R & R have also lobbied to the UHLB for more land than is currently available