The Auckland Council has 20 Councillors, plus the mayor.

Our region is in the Upper Harbour Local Board (UHLB) who have office in Albany.

In turn the UHLB sit within Albany Ward which covers two local boards, namely Hibiscus and Bays and Upper Harbour

The Albany Ward councillors are currently John Watson and Wayne Walker.

The R & R maintain frequent contact with all of the above, and also with the local Member of Parliament, currently Chris Penk.

It is important to note that while the UHLB can lobby the main Auckland Council, and distribute funds allocated to them, only the Albany Ward councillors have voting rights in Council decisions.

Furthermore, ,Auckland Council employ only one parks Ranger, who not only has to look after the 400 reserves in the UHLB area, but also takes care of two other local board areas.  His efforts rely heavily on contractors paid for by the Council, but also on volunteers.

Further information is found on the Auckland Council website:-